Business Training Centre


Business Training Centre (BTC) is the Swedish Central office for Practice Firms. It was established in 1993 as a department of Lernia (formally AmuGruppen) as an instrument for establishing the Practice Firm concept in Sweden. BTC joined the Europen project as an ordinary member in 1995, and was one of the countries forming the Europen e.V. membership organization in 1997. BTC, represented by Per Wigström, was elected the first President of the Europen network in 1997-98 and was part of the Management Committee during the establishing phase.

In October 2003, Business Training Centre was transformed to a private limited company. Since November 2016, Bittan Lindh is responsible for BTC.

The services of BTC

The main focus for the staff of BTC is to support the national practice firms, when they are starting up and during their daily work. The office is open all days, 5 days per week. Most of the contacts with the fimrs are via telephone and e-mail.

To reflect the authorities and functions of the real world that a company meets in their business, BTC has built up a fictive infrastructure that corresponds to those real world functions, such as bank, tax department and other governmental bodies.

BTC also supports the practice firms with as many different suppliers as needed, and acts as counterpart in company registration, financing, insurance and similar functions.

BTC is active in the process of marketing the concept of practice firms in Sweden.

SimuWorld Internet portal

A lot of the daily activities of the practice firms are managed within an Internet portal environment called SimuWorld, developed by the Danish Central Office – SimuCenter. It is available for the practice firms via the web portal of SimuWorld.

This SimuWorld include among many other functions an internet bank, a Shopping Center with practice firms web shops, a credit card system, the suppliers of goods as well as a search interface to find suitable business partners inside the country as well as in foreign countries. The practice firm also has access to an electronic mailbox in the portal.


For further information, please contact BTC via e-mail: info(at)businesstrainingcentre(dot)nu